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1 Touch Space Heater Wiring Diagram - Description. Below is a thermostat circuit I recently built to control a 1300 watt space heater. The heater element (not shown) is connected in series with two back to back 16 amp SCRs (not shown) which are controlled with a small pulse transformer.. Forced Air Heater Model Numbers Motor & Pump Assembly 12-1 12-2 12-3 12-18 12-17 12-16 12-15 R35A R50B REMINGTON REM35A REM50A REM55 DESA C35B C50F MASTER B50F KNIPCO F50G Wiring Diagram without Terminal Board Wiring Diagram with Terminal Board Plug White Spate H Moto 212 W 700 N Space Thermostat. warmer-cooler dial Thermostat. degrees. Wiring a Modine heater will require you to run an 120-volt electrical wire from a power source to the heater and a low-voltage thermostat wire from the thermostat to.

IMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling, starting or servicing heater. Improper use of heater can cause serious injury. Keep this manual for future reference.. Decide if / or how to break up the heaters. The heat can be installed one of two ways. In the example room, install (1) 1500 watt heater or install 2 or more heaters totaling 1500 watts. The latter method can be employed for rooms at the corners of a building - having 2 exterior walls.. Strip the wiring leads with a multi-purpose tool and pull the cable through the heater mounting box. 8. Fold the cables behind the mounting box into the wall cavity and secure the box between two studs with a power drill..

WIRING Diagram 3 Connection through a circulator or zone auxiliary switch may also be used to permit instant shutdown of the blower as the circulator stops (see diagram #3).. 4. Before using the heater, read and follow the instructions for its operation and maintenance. 5. Never run the heater’s cord (or any cord) under rugs, carpeting or furniture. 6. Plug portable heaters directly into a wall outlet. Do not plug a space heater into a surge protector, multi-outlet box or extension cord.. refer to wiring diagram in technical information. If motor fan does not spin at all, check rotor and veins for chips or cracks. Refer to INSTRUCTION MANUAL in TECHNICAL INFORMATION or ORDER PARTS ..

Great value and quality. I have a small 2 BR, 1100 square foot home with a large open living room/kitchen area. This little heater heats almost the entire house to 67 degrees without any other heat source going (with the outside temp being 38 degrees).. Ditioned space. PIPING Space is provided to allow all piping connections to be made inside the cabinet. 2 FORCE-FLOW CABINET HEATER OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT NOISE LEVEL PAGE 3 HOT WATER PAGE 4 STEAM PAGE 5 WIRING DIAGRAM CFM SOUND CLASS MBH FINAL AIR TEMP USGPM PRESS. DROP FT.H20 200°F EWT & 30 SPACE 30. To suit whichever of these two methods of heating may be appropriate, a more suitable term for the technology would be “space heating” rather than “space heaters.” The voltage available for separate heaters must be specified by the motor purchaser, and for motors in the 1000-5000 hp size range may be 480 volts threephase..

Sunheat SH1500 Space Heater Parts. Search within model. Discuss | Repair Videos. Popular Parts. 800. Felt, Soft Touch. $17.11. Part Number: 379.W002 Ships In 12 - 18 Business Days. And they do not include a wiring diagram. I would think if you contacted the manufacture, they would be able to supply you with one.. "220 volt space heater" & marketplace (106) Only. In-store: set your location. Unique Bargains 10 Pcs Kiln Furnace FeCrAl Heating Element Coil Wire 220V 500W. Sold by Unique Bargains. $22.68 $10.18. Unique Bargains 2pcs 70cmx0.5cm Electric Hotpoint Heating Element Coil Heater Wire.

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